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Our manual casting shop manufactures products according to your exact specifications

In our manual casting shop, we can manually produce castings weighing up to approximately 3,000 kilos. Craftsmanship, thorough product knowledge and ample expertise have a key role to play: these factors are foundational for a good product. We subject castings made in our manual casting shop to stringent quality requirements and make use of state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

In our manual casting shop, we use moulds

How does the manual casting shop work?

We only produce individual pieces and small batches for various companies in different fields in our manual casting shop. These products are often cast in cast iron, bronze, brass or aluminium and require complex casts or moulds. The production process in the manual casting shop is much more labour-intensive than in the machine casting shop, but it does allow us to produce more complicated castings. Practically speaking, we can manufacture products in all shapes and sizes.

Complex casting

In our manual casting shop, we use moulds, which are the negative of the end product and consist of a cope and a drag. When they are used to cast particularly complex shapes, the moulds can consist of 3 or more parts. When working with more complicated, intricate shapes, our casting professionals will have to design and implement a custom casting system, especially for large moulds that will not fit on a base plate. Because the manual casting shop works with manual processes, producing items in large numbers is not efficient.

We start working with our customers and consulting on the process at an early stage

Optimising the production process

All processes in the manual casting shop are monitored carefully at all times. Depending on measurements and test results, the production process is adjusted and optimised where possible and necessary. Thanks to our high-capacity H80 core machine, we can fill multiple casts in quick succession, which lets us reduce the production time to a minimum. We love advising our customers and discussing what’s possible and what isn’t in the casting process. If you have any special questions or demands, please do not hesitate to ask. Whatever you’re looking for, we will see whether we can produce it for you.

Development process from design to end product

We start working with our customers and consulting on the process at an early stage. With the help of a functional analysis, complemented by our extensive knowledge and experience, we will determine the best way to produce the casting in question. As early as the prototype stage, we will constantly seek to develop your casting in our foundry. For you, the key advantage is that we provide custom castings, managing the entire process ourselves, from the initial concept to the end product. This helps save costs and boost efficiency.

Does your product need any further operations?

Depending on your request or needs, we can serve as a one-stop casting shop where your product can be designed and your finished products can be finalised. Perhaps you are also looking for assembly services or turning and milling services. You can also choose to have us make your product ready for use by applying a coating in our very own spray shop.

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