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Looking for a renowned foundry specialised in cast iron, steel, aluminium or bronze?

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Gieterij Neede is an expert in casting and processing various iron, aluminium, steel, brass, stainless-steel and bronze products. From the initial design, preparations and engineering to machining, turning, milling, assembling and coating a (finished) product. We produce small and mid-sized product batches for various clients in several different fields in the foundry.

We produce small and mid-sized products in the foundry

Have you already finalised your design or are you looking for expert assistance?

Do you know exactly what you would like to have cast, or would you like us to advise on the design? Our engineers are ready to sit down with you and take you through the production process in careful detail. Where necessary, they can produce drawings and models for you, guaranteeing that all the details of your products are completely in order, just like you want them to be. It goes without saying that we will provide you with accurate advice on the best materials, techniques, accuracy requirements and pricing. For more information, go to our page on preparations.

Foundry for machine parts and finished products

Casting is an ancient manufacturing process that can be used to create various materials. Gieterij Neede is an expert in casting products such as machine parts, marine pumps and ready-made finished products with a very long lifespan. When it comes to iron and steel materials that will be put under heavy loads for extended periods of time, guaranteed accuracy and high quality are particularly important.

Custom casting!

The casting process

We can perform various sand casting projects for your company. Whether you’re looking for simple or highly complex casting, we can provide cast products in all alloys. Where necessary, we will also machine or treat your product as needed through our turning and milling services or coating services. We are a true specialist in hard-wearing castings, providing a wide range of hard alloys and heatproof, high-quality casting. That’s what we cast it for…

The strengths of our foundry

  • Simple and complex castings
  • We also produce cores
  • Small to mid-sized product batches
  • High accuracy from the design stage to the finishing process
  • Relatively short production throughput times
  • Flexible approach to changes or adjustments
  • Complete product from start to finish

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