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When it comes to finishing your products, painstaking accuracy is second nature to us

Our modern machinery and expert craftsmanship lets us turn and mill individual pieces and entire product batches with the utmost accuracy. During these machining operations, we can adjust, modify and finish the shape of the product according to your preferences at all times. Our foundry features several bench lathes and mills, giving us ample capacity when it comes to machining cast parts.

We can turn individual items as well as mid-sized product batches

What is turning?

Turning involves clamping a product that needs to be machined into a lathe. The clamp ensures that the product remains fixed firmly in place, while the lathe spins it around at high speed. A chisel then moves along the product vertically and horizontally to chip it down to size, which means you can turn a product into any shape you would like. For this operation to function properly, it is important that the machine is set up properly and that the right chisels are used at the right turning speed. At Gieterij Neede, we have experienced, certified turning professionals who completely mastered the process.

CNC turning and milling

We can turn individual pieces as well as mid-sized product batches in our foundry, using various turning and milling techniques to shape your products any way you would like. We are capable of performing CNC milling and turning operations in small batches of 1 piece or more.

  • Vertical and horizontal turning: planes and cylinders
  • Grooving: e.g. threading, face grooving, and parting off
  • Profiling: including threading, convex profiling and radial profiling
  • Conical turning: angled planes

It is also possible to have your product assembled after turning and milling

What is milling?

Milling can be used to perform special operations on a product. It involves clamping the product in a fixed position as the mill moves around the product to machine it into the desired shape. Our foundry features various bench mills, including horizontal, vertical and universal bench mills that allow us to perform several different mechanical operations, such as drilling holes and milling islands and pockets. The key difference between turning and milling is that in the case of the latter, the tool spins, whereas the product remains stationary. We can mill even the most complex shapes, but we can also machine simple products that need to feature a key groove or hole pattern.

Turning and milling various materials

It goes without saying that we are capable of turning and milling various materials, semi-finished products and final products. We are experts in turning and milling cast iron, special steel, High Speed Steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and bronze. Please feel free to request a quote for having certain parts turned and/or milled, even if they were not manufactured in our foundry.

Further product finishing

You can also choose to have your product assembled by us after the turning and milling process. If necessary, we can also coat the product in our spray shop. Because we strive to be a one-stop shop, we also provide various types of construction work, which involves adding various parts to your product.

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