Additional construction services involve welding various parts to your product

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Foundry Neede also provides construction and welding services. Thanks to our years of experience in welding cast iron, aluminium, steel and stainless steel, we can provide construction services. Our construction services are used by various sectors, ranging from machine engineering, marine engineering to infrastructure and Defense.

Our construction services also comprise joining several parts together

What are construction services?

Our construction services include manufacturing various parts and welding them to your product. We often work with semi-finished products, machine frames and machine parts, as well as various steel, aluminium, or stainless steel constructions. We are capable of joining various parts by means of operations such as welding, drilling and sawing. Thanks to the combination of our modern machinery and excellent craftsmanship, we will always provide a product that meets your exact specifications.

Construction services from design to finishing

When welding several parts or semi-finished products, it is important that all elements involved are joined together without detracting from the product’s overall sturdiness and quality. When looking for construction services, you can best work with specialist companies. We can weld and finish small and large metal products based on your ideas, sketches, drawings or models. Where necessary, we will gladly provide advice, guaranteeing that the product will meet your exact specifications.

We can also serve as engineers, taking care of the entire design of your product.

From designs and drawings to metallurgical advice

Custom constructions for product batches of all sizes

Our draughtsmen can design any construction you have in mind, in the fields of machine engineering, steel engineering and construction engineering. Naturally, we perform careful structural analysis, always emphasising quality and safety. Foundry Neede only provides sound constructions that meet with all requirements that apply to the product in question. We specialise in custom constructions for small and mid-sized product batches. Our working methods were designed in line with the ISO 9001 standard, which lets us guarantee our internal quality assurance policy.

The advantages of Foundry Neede construction services

Why would you turn to us for construction services?

  • Years of accumulated knowledge and experience in welding various types of metal
  • We can work with small products, large parts, and entire batches of finished products
  • We provide a full service, ranging from designs and drawings to metallurgical advice
  • We do not start work on the final batch until the test batch has been approved
  • Quality assurance at all times
  • Certified, skilled welders

What more does your product need?

If necessary, you can also ask us to turn and mill your product. We also provide various assembly services and can coat your products in our spray shop, if so desired. Briefly put, we can provide virtually all construction services, whether for individual products, entire product batches or semi-finished products. We love sharing our expertise to advise you, help you and, ultimately, deliver the right (finished) product for you.

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