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As a one-stop shop for various services and an expert in finishing iron, steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminium, we can also coat your (final) products in our spray shop. Products are generally coated in order to protect them against erosion and to guarantee a long lifespan. Our spray shop provides excellent coating services for all your products.

Specialised in coating various types of iron and metal

What exactly is coating?

Coating involves applying a mix of various substances to a product. Coating consists of a colouring agent, a solvent and a binder, and mainly serves to protect a product, part or tool and to extend the lifespan of the finished product. This coating can be applied on small, thin and extremely thick materials and objects. Depending on the application of your product, we will gladly share our expertise to help you find the right treatment and spray specifications.

Coating ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Ferrous and non-ferrous materials are well-known in the metal industry. We can coat ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials. Cast iron, steel and all alloys based on iron belong to the group of ferrous metals, with alloys being all mixtures of metals that have various additional characteristics. All the other metals we process, including brass, bronze and aluminium, are so-called non-ferrous materials. We will happily provide expert advise to find the right coating treatment for all different materials, so that you can be sure that your finished product has been processed properly.

We can coat small products, large parts and entire batches of finished products

We employ two different coating methods

We are capable of coating small parts and large parts in our spray shop, using one of two different methods. The first method involves submerging a casting in a large tub of black and red paint. These two paints serve as a primer for a subsequent protective layer, or as a primer for the lacquer top coat. If you’re looking for a beautiful, even paint job, we can also spray-paint your products, using spray guns for both the primer and the lacquer coats, if so desired. Throughout this process, we work with various quality requirements pertaining to the thickness of the coats. Our spray-painters are familiar with all these requirements, guaranteeing that all our products meet the highest quality standards. We also take powder coating orders, and the same applies to having your products galvanised or anodised.

The advantages of having your products coated in our spray shop

Having your products coated in our spray shop has a number of clear benefits:

  • We are specialised in coating various types of iron and metal
  • We can work with small products, as well as large parts or entire batches of finished products
  • Our delivery times are fast and on schedule
  • We provide free advice on the best pre-treatment and finishing method for your product
  • We guarantee high-quality results at all times
  • Our certified spray-painting professionals are focused on precision and accuracy
  • Complete finishes, getting your product ready for use

What else will your product need?

We also provide construction services for your products. If necessary and desired, we can assemble your product first, and you can even have it turned and milled in our workshop. Foundry Neede is a one-stop shop that can support you from the initial design stages up to the finishing touches to your semi-finished product or finished product. Feel free to ask us a question or put in an order and we’ll share our advice about the next step.

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