We can also add parts to your product for assembly purposes

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Gieterij Neede strives to be a one-stop machining shop for its customers, including product assembly. We can process various types of cast products during the assembly process, Including (machine) parts that were cast in our own foundry, as well as other parts that require processing and that were not manufactured by us.

Foundry Neede strives to provide its customers with a one-stop shop for metal machining/span>

What is assembly?

In some cases, components will have to be added to the casting or part during the production process. In practice, assembly means that various parts are put together and added to a product, which is done in our foundry’s assembly department. For example: First, we cast a particular product in our foundry for a certain project, which we can then turn and mill. If necessary, we purchase any additional parts and assemble them, resulting in a single product that is ready for use.

Various types of assembly

Our assembly department can assemble products in several different ways. In some cases, the cast element will have been manufactured by us and might feature pre-machined holes. In that case, assembly may consist of pressing tubes into these holes to serve as a protective layer. Assembly, therefore, may involve creating an individual product, but can also involve adding an extra element to a final product.

As such, Foundry Neede guarantees that all its products meet high standards of quality

From simple composite products to complete finished products

Our assembly department can work with simple one-off products as well as completely finished products. Seeing as many of the products we work with are machined in our own foundry, we are capable of performing very detailed checks during the assembly process. As such, Gieterij Neede guarantees that all its products meet high standards of quality. This applies to one-off items and mid-sized product batches in equal measure. In order to turn products into fully fledged semi-finished products, certain parts must first be assembled or joined together. We have special tools to make the assembly process run as efficiently as possible, while restricting errors to a minimum.

We perform the following assembly processes, amongst others:

  • Cutting splines
  • Pressing in/gluing sleeves or bearings
  • Assembling products from loose parts

What else will your product need?

We also provide construction services for your products. We are often asked to have the product coated in our spray shop after assembly. We always ensure that all products are finished to the highest standards to prevent rust, which lets you enjoy your product for much longer, retaining the high quality we strive for.

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