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The full service offered by our foundry and our extensive machinery is all you’ll need

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Gieterij Neede offers a full range of services, including the processing, assembly and construction of cast products. The ELM department is our processing department, which has seen its selection of machinery expanded considerably in recent years. This lets us offer many processing applications that can meet the various quality requirements and wishes of our clients. We specialise in processing cast products in all different alloys.

From design to final product: we can do it all

From design to final product: we can do it all

From design to final product: we can do it all

As experts in cast materials, we can do a lot for our customers. We will gladly share our expertise, advising on any designs and processes, in order to find the best solutions for all casting productions. Our advanced machinery lets us guarantee that we can process all your cast products with the utmost quality. That is why we would gladly be your casting partners, from the very start to the finishing touches.

The advantages of our foundry machinery

  • For simple and complex castings
  • For small, medium and large batch productions
  • Advanced machinery for high quality requirements
  • Multiple bench mills and lathes for virtually all processes and operations
  • Relatively short manufacturing throughput times
  • Flexible approach to changes or adjustments

You’ll find the following services under ELM. Click on your preferred service for a direct link:

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