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Your wish is our command, because we believe the customer is king

Through the years, Foundry Neede has managed to build up a large customer file and network. We have been active in this market for over 70 years, obtaining thorough expertise and experience with various casting methods and finishing processes. We stay on top of industry trends and work with modern, advanced machinery in our own foundry.

Gieterij Neede

No challenge is too great or complex for us

Our mission

We strive to be a one-stop shop when it comes to designing, manufacturing and delivering products. Our skilled and experienced engineers, draughtsmen, machine operators and production specialists man our foundry’s departments day in day out, always striving to provide optimum service. You can come to us for small-scale and large-scale services, as well as for specific machining or finishing services for your products. We will gladly act as your advisor and partner for all casting projects, whether for individual products or large batches.

We work in close cooperation with experts, allowing us to develop, produce and deliver high-quality castings. We cast, melt, turn, assemble and construct your product according to your exact specifications. We subject all our services to high quality requirements. Products will not leave our facility before we can be sure that they comply with all required mechanical properties. You can be sure that Gieterij Neede will always give you the highest quality at a competitive price. That’s what we cast it for.

You can also choose to have your product assembled by us after turning and milling

Our unique core values

  • Sparring partner and advisor for all casting projects
  • Your wish is our command, because we believe that the customer is king
  • Guaranteed high quality at the design stage, during the production process, and at the finishing stage
  • Known as a reliable partner in our extensive client network
  • No challenge is too great or complicated for us
  • We are reliable: all our products are delivered on schedule, for the right price and with the right quality
  • High level of expertise and optimal service

Our team

Henk Ebbers
Henk EbbersManaging Director
With over 35 years of experience as a director and entrepreneur, Henk is the beating heart of our organisation. Boasting in-depth metallurgical know-how and a keen focus on all business processes, Henk is the main advisor in our company. Henk is married with four children and nine grandchildren, who he loves spending time with in his spare time.
Teuta Neziri Sulejmani
Teuta Neziri SulejmaniOffice manager
As a management assistant to Henk and the office manager for Ebbers Gfroup Industries, Teuta is the linchpin of our office. She welcomes all our business partners with a smile and a hot cup of coffee. Teuta is responsible for relationship manager, services as the first point of contact for all customers. Teuta won’t shirk a single challenge and is a true troubleshooting expert. Teuta is married and has two daughters. She loves sports and spending time with her family.
Sietse Ebbers
Sietse EbbersProduction leader Foundry
Sietse has been passionate about iron since an early age. With his no-nonsense attitude, he tackles all issues headfirst and ensures that all production processes run smoothly. In his spare time, Sietse enjoys hunting for an adrenaline rush – he’s a real speed demon – and going kitesurfing with his girlfriend.
Marcel Ebbers
Marcel EbbersProduction leader ELM
Marcel has come from humble origins – a lathe bench in an old shed – but now he’s in charge of extensive machinery, having mastered a wide range of operations. To wind down, Marcel loves spending time on the golf course or watching a good movie. Marcel is married with two daughters and a son.
Tessa Ebbers
Tessa EbbersPlanner
As a planner, Tessa is responsible for having all orders go off without a hitch and ensuring that all processes within the organisation’s various departments run smoothly. She has been part of the family business for her entire life and is familiar with all departments. Tessa is married and has one daughter and one son. In her spare time, she loves reading a good book or getting her hands dirty with a DIY project.
Bennie Elschot
Bennie ElschotAccountant
Bennie has worked at the Foundry for as long as we can remember, which is why his colleagues always know to find him when looking for trivia and factoids. In addition to managing our accounts, Bennie is also in charge of automation in our organisation, as well as handling all shipments. Bennie is married and has two sons and one daughter. If at all possible, he enjoys cycling to work.
Daan Klensmann
Daan KlensmannSales manager
As our sales manager, Daan is a familiar face for many of our customers. He visits our customers and provides calculations, but won’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves to work on production if necessary. He also delivers samples and rush deliveries to our clients and is fluent in English and German, as well as Dutch. Daan is married and has four daughters. He is a real outdoorsman who loves life. In his spare time, Daan enjoys fishing for carp, training police dogs, geocaching treks and barbuecing.

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