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Looking for a recognised foundry specialised in cast iron, steel, aluminium or bronze?

Foundry Neede is a renowned iron foundry and supplier of high-quality cast-iron parts to the industrial and marine engineering sector. For over 70 years, our foundry has been handling the entire production process, ranging from development and engineering to delivering ready-made final products. We supply cast iron, steel, aluminium, brass and bronze in all alloys.

Our foundry manufactures various metal products ranging from small-scale moulds to mid-sized production runs.

Boasting its own engineering department, core shop, manual casting shop, machine casting shop and smeltery, Gieterij Neede is the go-to business partner for excellent, high-quality metal products. With an eye on the state-of-the-art technologies used in our production process, we pride ourselves on being a leading foundry with a clear understanding of what customers expect in terms of service and craftsmanship.

We’re making work for:

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